Spokane, Washington

Reclaiming furniture and people by providing quality pest free furnishings and job skills for those in transition 

The Spokane community is experiencing an influx of fear around being exposed to bedbugs and oftentimes cannot afford the treatment to eradicate them from their households. Bedbugs are small, hidden, discrete and hard to find requiring professional pest control. Pest control experts have learned that many of those infestations have come from people unknowingly purchasing 2nd hand items that have bedbugs in them.This innocent purchase may end up costing $2,000 to $4,000 per household to eradicate them from a home. 
Our mission is to heat treat 2nd hand furnishings and alleviate the stress and fear of getting bedbugs,  as well as making a dent in the epidemic that is overcoming many households in our community. 




Living with bedbugs?

If you or someone you know may have bedbugs, or you would like more information in detection feel free to share this website and our Facebook page. A better night’s sleep is within reach. We’d like to help.


Spokane, we need your help.

We’re a small, dedicated team trying to do what’s best for our community. We love Spokane and the people here – and we know we’re not alone. We need help in the form of time, effort, and donations of clean furniture 

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